Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mixed Media Mojo - Challenge #1

I am so excited to share the first Mixed Media Mojo Challenge!  We want to encourage the fun mixed media play where really there are no rules!

However to guide you a bit here are some definitions that I shared in a previous post over at Mixed Media Mojo:

What is Mixed Media anyway?  Here is a simple definition from Wikipedia:

"Mixed media, in visual art, refers to an artwork in the making of which more than one medium has been employed."

Pretty simple but then you may ask what is Medium? Again from Wikipedia:

"In the arts, a medium is a material used by an artist or designer to create a work."

So medium can be anything really some simple examples: inks, paints, papers, gels and pastes.  But the list can go on and on.  So if you are a carmaker/scrapbooker and haven't tried Mixed Media yet you can because odds are you have enough supplies to give it a go.  

My simple suggestion is to take a piece of card stock and add a layer of gesso to it or if you don't have Gesso try white craft paint.  It just gives the paper a surface some tooth for you to work on. Basically its a primer for your paper but looks like white paint.  But beware when using gesso as it does not come out of your clothes like white craft paint will.  So to begin with use what you have on hand.  I found inexpensive gesso at Walmart and with a coupon at Michael's its not too bad.  Next all you have to do is pick some mediums to use.  You probably have lots of ink pads and sprays that's a great start.  Toss in some of that "scrap" paper and stamps and you are good to go!  


The first challenge is a simple one:  Use Stamps and at least 2 Mediums on your project.  

Create what you want!  You can do an art journal page, make a card or use a canvas.  We can't wait to see what you create!

Here is what I did in my art journal:

Maria Levine

Here are supplies that I used for this:

I like to try and take pictures of the supplies I used so if you have any questions let me know.  So we were required to use 2 mediums here I used Sprays & inks but also used paper as well.

I hope you will play along with our challenge.  It will be up for a month so there's plenty of time.  And during the month every Wednesday we will share some fun Mixed Media on the blog.

Be sure to swing on by the Mixed Media Mojo's Design Team members to see what they cooked up :

Thanks so much for stopping by!!


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