Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sketch Time

Over at one of my favorite blogs, Lauren does a weekly Saturday sketch challenge. I decided to join the fun. I took my favorite new Starving Artistamps for this challenge. I liked my idea but in the end I realized that the black background stamp was a bit too dark and didn't work that well. However, instead of wasting the whole thing I went with it anyhow.


Lauren (mytime) said...

This came out great! Love the bkgd. Thanks for sharing it with me!

inkyheart said...

I think this is a wonderful design. I like those stamps! I agree that the bold stamp is bold enough without being black, though. Perhaps you could pick up the black by making the brads black (sharpie is the quick fix), and stamping just ONE of the butterflies in a black outline? I hope you don't mind constructive criticism. I really appreciate hearing other people's takes on my work, but feel free to delete my ramblings! SL