Monday, June 28, 2010

Unity Stamp Storage

So there has been chatter in the Unity Forums about storage of Unity stamps. So I decided since I recently started getting my stuff organized I would share some photos etc.

I love those green (or they came in pink) document boxes that Target used to carry. I have not seen them in a long time so I'm bummed, but hoping they come back. Anyhow, I have about 11 of them to fill and those are perfect for storing stamps.

Here are some photos of them:

Here it is open and holding 2 Unity KOTM kits!

Here they are in a file crate under my desk:

You may notice I labeled the boxes, you can see the first one number 1. I used a scallop punch and using a maker added the numbers and taped the cut out using packing tape to the box. Of course all the numbers are in the same spot so I can find them easy in the file.

I am running out of green Target boxes and needed something else. While at a stamping convention I picked up (not enough of course) those small cling sheets (8 1/2 x 5 3/4). These are the ones that will fit into small binders. I think GKD carries these as well. Unity carries the Scraponizer cases. I already had all these green boxes so I haven't gone to those yet. So these smaller cling sheets can hold "older" Unity KOTM and a few other Unity Kits. But I needed something to store them in and found this box at Staples. It's a file box (10 x 5 9/10 x 3 9/10). It actually said on the label perfect for holding greeting cards, recipes & more. My staples only had two of them so I got both. Go figure I'll bet they don't' carry these anymore!

Now how do I know where everything is. This part is still under organization but here is what I am doing. For all my older kits I have those little sheets showing all the images in the kit so I scanned them all to create index sheets. In some cases if I had random stamps I stamped a bunch of images on a sheet. Then next to each kit I put a number, which indicates which box that kit is in. Right now it's all pretty random since I keep changing things up to make more room in my green boxes :-)

Here is an example:

You can see how I already crossed stuff out. The ones that say box indicate the sets I switched over to the Staples box instead of the green boxes they were originally in.

But I really think this will work out. Even with it the way it is, it has been working for me. I can easily just flip through the images on paper to decide what I want to use and easily find the corresponding box. Right now I keep all the "index" sheets in a folder.

I also have a bunch of the wood mounted slide stamps. These I have not "catalogued" yet but I'll share photos of where they are stored. This isn't even all of them actually. I set aside some of the holiday images and ones I don't' use all the time in a third box and didn't take a picture of that one. Actually I think it was more like I didn't have room.

Those Ikea boxes are great but won't fit the really big stamps, so I just put some in a random box I have. Organizing these guys better and pulling out the ones I put "away" is next on my list.

Well that's all I have for now!

If you have any tips to share I'd love to hear about it!

Till later.....


Lisa Kind said...

This is great, Maria, but I just had to have a good laugh while reading this! I just think it's so funny that we have these storage ideas for all the stamps we have! I started a storage system for mine, but need another idea cause I'm running out of room to store all the boxes! I guess I need to STOP BUYING STAMPS! LOL!!!! Ain't gonna happen, right? TFS and happy stamping!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

And I thought I had a lot of stamps:) This is great! I also store mine in those plastic cases--but I can't find them anywhere! I even tried to order them from Japan again...totally out! So I hope I can get some soon!!

Thanks for sharing:) And now I want to come and visit you so we can ink some of these stamps up!! LOVE it:) TFS!

Angie Blom said...

oh my goodness.. it is stamp heaven Maria.. I love all the boxes, I wish we had those here.. and I love how organized you are. amazing.. look at all your wood ones.. wow..