Friday, October 5, 2007

Serendipity Stamps

My new favorite stamps from Serendipity Stamps!! These little penquins have to be the cutest! I am having alot of fun playing around with these little guys on their ice block, while it is 80 degrees here! Yes I am hung up on the hot weather, I HATE IT. Back to my little penguins....

In the first one I used Baby Blue Stickles from Ranger, this is awesome glitter glue. I put the glitter on the iceberg and dabs of it on the snowflakes. With the background I used a very simple (but effective) direct to paper technique. Sometimes it's the simple things that work the best. The image of the penguins is also mounted using large pop dots to make it a little dimensional.

The second card I used a bit of the glitter on the snowflakes and used some water coloring for the iceberg. I know this is hard to see in a photo but I used Stampin Up white flock for the bodies of the penguins. I used the scrapped oil pastels technique I picked up from the Technique Junkie Newsletter, again a very simple but highly effective technique.

Finally, I made this last one using glossy card stock. This background is an old one that comes up again and again, I've seen it in many different places so I won't give it a name. Using versamark ink I stamped on the glossy paper. Using a rubber brayer you just roll the ink over and wipe all the excess.

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Colleen Schaan said...

I can not tell you how CUTE these cards are!!! Just super duper adorable...that stamp is to die for...I love all the techniques you are doing. (I am a TJer it!)