Saturday, April 2, 2011

Art Journal Every Day

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer from Balzer Design has the Art Journal Every Day going on each month. It's a way to motivate creativity every day. I have gotten into mixed media, collaging, journaling recently after taking Soul Restoration with Melody Ross and then the She Art class with Christy Tominlinson. So now I have a few art journals in my room and I do try to do something in them each day. Here you will see the date on the bottom is from March and yes I did work on this then. Actually that day I thought ok I'm done but it was awful, worse than what it is now if you can believe that! LOL! Anyhow here is my page:

So when I was creating this page I think it was Julie who probably that day or during this that week showed a journal page with large flowers on it and I loved it. SO I decided to draw some big flowers. She used a china marker which I had and used but then I couldn't color over it because it smudged. SO I used a black permanent marker and painted with pink paint but that didn't work well. SO today I pulled this out again and actually used a dye ink re-inker and a paintbrush to color them blue. SO some of the flower petals here were still drying when I took the photo and they did come out a little too dark. BUT over all it is a little better now than what is was then. I also added some stickles which I love. Then looking at it now I should have went with 3 large flowers because we all know odd numbers for design works better, but oh well.

I'll be back again with some more journal pages as I continue to mess around and learn. Its just fun to toss some paint on a page at random. I actually have a few pages in this journal with just colors on a page waiting for some other cool stuff.

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