Friday, December 21, 2007

Nestablities - Help!

OK, so I need to make that initial investment and get some nestablities. I'm just not sure which to get, circles, squares, large, small, scalloped. Help! I've never seen them in person so I'm not sure how large or small they are etc. I started a poll if you like to vote or just let me know what you think might be best. Thanks!!


Lesa said...

Hi Maria,
I voted large circles. Ahem, It wouldn't let me vote for them all! Heeheeheee. Seriously if you have to get one set at a time I would start with the large ones. I have them all, love them all, and use them all tons. I think it really depends on what you are stamping too. Since they nest together and you have the next size down, either would probably work. I must warn you, once you start, you will want more. I sold a bunch of old retired stuff on ebay to help pay for mine. ;) Good luck deciding and have fun. Oh and if you buy an entire set with scallops and regular, both sizes, it is a bit cheaper. 80 bucks but then you have them all!

Velta said...

Maria ~ I agree with Lesa...Large circles...then the large ovals...I cannot wait to get my hands on the hearts...Merry Christmas!

Lauren (mytime) said...

I vote Large Rectangles (scallop) and Large circles (also scallop) they will make nice layers for things you can cut a straight edge for yourself.
Plus with the rectangles you can make squares :D


BTW they get REALLY small so stick with LARGE sets first.

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