Friday, August 13, 2010

Inspiration Journal

I've been inspired lately by Donna Downey and her videos/products. You may know she designs images for my favorite stamp company Unity!

What got me to make this inspiration journal was from watching Donna's Inspiration Wednesday videos. She makes a new page in her inspiration journal each week. There is something so cool about it that I wanted one. She actually sells these fabulous blank journals which I was going to buy, but then thought perhaps I can make one. With the push of a fabulous "cyber" friend, thanks Lisa!! :-)

First of all you need to know I don't sew, this is the 2nd time I used a sewing machine ever no joke! I have the little Singer Pixie but never used it except for once on a scrapbook page. SO, I pulled out this pretty yellow and blue material I had saved for such an occasion. Ok really, I like to hoard crap! LOL! But what crafter doesn't? I think I got this fabric at Walmart at some point. It was a square piece probably about 18 inches around. I'm guessing going off another piece I have. hey I don't usually measure stuff ! My finished book is approx 8 3/4 x 9 ish.

ANYHOW, this piece already had edges that were sewn. What I did was fold it in half length wise and then in half to make a book. I ironed all the creases to make them nice. Then I pulled out two cling foam stamp storage boards and cut them to fit the book. These plastic pieces make a nice support inside (for the front and back of the book). I then sewed up all the edges to close it up. I decided what the heck and left the edges that were already sewn, you can see those "raw" edges in my photo. The funky cool stitching along the top and right. My actual stitches are underneath and next to that! I kind of like the look. Now I had a book with no pages.

Here are the photos I took:

I left the outside simple for now. I couldn't find anything in my stash yet to add to it. But that twill ribbon I used I thought was perfect! It says "create, enjoy, laugh".

Here is the inside with the pages that I made and sewed it by hand with floss:
I tried to be cool and use different sized pages like Donna did in her album. I love how this turned out I was quite impressed with myself! I wish I can show you in person because pictures don't work that well sometimes.

NOW, to get inspired to start painting and embellishing all those white pages......

Need to watch more Donna Videos! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!


Stephanie Zito said...

Oh Maria I think you did an incredible job!!! I also made my own a few months ago (I've got two pages done in it so far). Good for you - you're going to love "playing in it"!

JenMarie said...

How lovely!

Lisa Hetrick said...

YOU DID IT. How Fabulous! I love it!

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